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Simon Ziogou - Captain Babasails

Sail away and enjoy summer safely

Sailing: A safe summer activity during Covid

Safety has always been of an outmost importance when it comes to sailing and during this Covid-19 times this fact hasn’t changed. The summer is almost here and we are all wondering how different it will be compared to the carefree summer we all know and love. One thing is for sure though: we will need to be careful and follow all the instructions given by health organisations and also practice distancing as much as possible for the safety of us and our loved ones.

The question rises: What summer activities can combine both safety and fun? We got you covered. Here we will talk about safety because fun during a sailing trip is like what salt is in the sea!

In the current period safety is divided into two parts:

Hygiene and social distancing. Let’s cover both when it comes to going on a sailing trip. Well this type of activity has always been an isolating experience even before isolation was recommended. One of the best parts of Yachting is discovering new places away from big crowds and overloaded beaches. Secluded coves with turquoise waters, magical sceneries and soothing sunsets are just a few things that boating can offer. Social distancing is being practiced by choice when it comes to sailing even before it became a necessity. So if you make sure that only your close contacts and family members join you in your sailing cruise, you can rest assured that you will stay away from big crowds during your trip.

Hygiene is the second factor we need to take into account. Generally, the sea is pretty hygienic when it comes to pathogens so there is no worry about that. The questions that rise are about the boat itself and the passengers on it. It is very important for the guests and crew to abide by all hygiene rules like covering our mouth and nose with our elbow while sneezing or coughing, washing our hands thoroughly with soap or any other disinfecting agent, being careful when handling objects of common use etc. There are some basic rules that need to be followed to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Here in BabaSails Yachting we fully understand the importance of all these measures and we assure you that our boats are completely safe and our crew members healthy.

Our yachts are being cleaned daily, all surfaces are thoroughly sanitized and the inside of the yachts is disinfected using approved products. Last but not least, let us not lose our calm and humanity during these times.

Let us remind ourselves the fear is not a good friend and we should not take its advise when it comes to…. anything. By practicing some simple methods and by being careful we can enjoy our summer vocation like we always have.

Vocation should be something that helps you relax so let us be relaxed but also cautious!