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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know before go sailing

Are the yachts child-friendly?

The yachts are absolutely suitable for children of all ages. Our staff, of course, takes care of the all the passengers’ safety.

What about food and water/ drinks?

There are bottled water and some soft drinks on our yachts. However, we can always stop near a traditional fish tavern so you can eat fresh fish and taste traditional Greek dishes.

Is the yacht suitable for me if I do not know how to swim?

Our yachts usually make stops at 20-80 meters from the beach. So there is no possibility to reach the shore without swimming. In case a passenger cannot swim they can always ask our crew to provide them with a life jacket.

Is smoking allowed on board?

You are allowed to smoke only on the deck of the yachts and not indoors. Smoking is allowed on the leeward side of the yacht (leeward is downwind from the point of reference, i.e. along the direction towards which the wind is going). You should always remember to throw the ashes in the ashtray, as the opposite is dangerous for both you and the yacht. Please ask our crew to show you where exactly smoking is allowed.

Will I be able to go to the beach during the trip?

Certainly; as we stop close to the beach, you and your friends can reach the shore swimming, except for the case we stop at a port.

Can you feel the yacht rocking on a cruise? What if i have nausea?

You can generally feel the yacht rocking. You can take a medicine before you get on the yacht for the cruise. If you start feeling nauseous during the cruise, you are strongly advised to avoid areas of the yacht in which motion is more pronounced. Sit on the deck looking out on the horizon so that the wind is blowing across your face. You can always ask our crew for further advice.

I have found a cruise similar to yours, but it is cheaper. Why?

There are some factors that form the price of each cruise: year of construction, model, size and high maintenance level of the yacht, in order to ensure your safety, as well as the experience level of our captains. Thus, we can guarantee a completely safe trip and a supreme experience.

What should I bring on board?

You should only wear your most beautiful smile and be in your best mood. It is also recommended that you bring your own beach towels and sunscreen.

Is there snorkeling equipment on board or do I have to bring my own?

The yachts have some basic snorkeling equipment. Is strongly recommended, however, that you bring your own equipment for hygienic reasons, bearing in mind that the Sars Cov-2 infection prevention protocols are constantly changing.

What if I need to go to the bathroom?

All our yachts have a fully functional toilet.

What if I get tired or unwell and want to lie down?

All our yachts have cabins for passengers in case someone gets tired or unwell. Please inform our staff to show you the cabin where you can retreat.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In case we are cruising and encounter dangerous weather conditions, you are advised to follow the captain’s instructions carefully for your safety. Our captains are excellent highly experienced professionals.

Can we cruise sailing?

Sailing yachts can sail only under certain wind conditions. The speed and the direction of the wind should be right for the course of the yacht. However, usually at noon there is a local phenomenon in Halkidiki sea area that almost always allows us to sail.

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