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North Aegean Islands

castles and noble mansions, wild beauty and mysterious ancient rituals, mountains and sea !!!

castles and noble mansions, wild beauty and mysterious ancient rituals, mountains and sea !!!

You’ll be able to reach here by boat or aircraft, but you’ll have a hard time getting back out again. Each of the North Aegean islands has its own unique character. In each, you’ll find a different kind of natural beauty and a diverse history. Despite the fact that these group of islands is mostly unknown, it is just this fact that lends to its allure.

This side of the Aegean features a wealth of pristine, eccentric, and alluring gems, including Lesvos (Mytilini), Chios (Sami), Samothrace, Limnos, and Samos, as well as Agios Efstathioos, Fourni, Psara, and Innouses.

Sand and crystal-clear waters abound, and the islands’ idyllic mountain towns and spectacular coastlines are just a few of the many reasons that visitors flock to the islands in quest of coastal retreats, authentic local customs, and unmatched natural beauty.

It is ideal for families, couples and groups of friends to visit the larger islands like Lesvos and Samoa, while the smaller ones like Agios Efstratios and Fourni are ideal for sailors and brave travellers.

beaches of virgin beauty

Limnos has the most untouched beaches of any Greek island, with more than 100 of them, half of which are sandy and free of tourists. Another 90 can be found on Chios. Discover Vatera, one of the greatest Aegean beaches, as well as Sigri and Eressos on Lesvos.

The black volcanic stones of Chios’ Mavra Volia (Black Beach) are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

When it comes to beaches on the island of Ikaria, there is no better place than Nas, where modernity meets history. Attractive Mesahti is a great place to go boating.

The tiny, emerald-green island nation of Seychelles too appears to have been plucked right out of the South Pacific. Chryssi Ammos (Golden Sand) is the greatest beach on Samos, whereas on Thasos, you’ll find yourself in a literal paradise.

a date with history and mythology in the North Aegean

Nature’s power is everywhere. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, and water skiing in Skala Eressos and Vatera in Lesvos, Limnos’ eastern coast, and Samos’ Kokkari.

Wanderers from all over flock to explore the islands’ routes, which weave through lush forests. Bird watchers flock to Limnos’ three lakes and Lesvos’ Kalloni wetlands, natural aviary habitats.

Don’t miss Ikaria’s legendary village fairs, where the music and dancing go on all day and night.

The North Aegean islands‘ sacred sites are cloaked in myth and magic. On Samothrace, you’ll be initiated at the mysterious Sanctuary of the Great Gods. On Limnos, you can sense the deity Hephaistos, guardian of Hephaistia, while on Ikaria, you may see the goddess Artemis Tauropolou.

Then there’s Samos, home of astronomer Aristarchos and mathematician Pythagoras. En 1024, Byzantine emperor Constantine IX Monomachos founded the Nea Moni monastery (a Unesco World Heritage Site) on Chios. A copy of the Winged Victory of Samothrace (original at the Louvre) stands ready to fly at the Samothrace Archaeological Museum.

History, mythology, and culture: the North Aegean islands will charm you.

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