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There is nothing like Halkidiki

Halkidiki caters to every taste

There are many sayings that underline the beauty of Halkidiki. The one you can hear is: “There is nothing like Halkidiki”.

You are likely to hear the saying in northern Greece, and agree with it once you set foot in this coastal region.

Many features render the region one of the most beautiful in Greece and Europe. And you can appreciate most of them from the sea.

Thus, let BabaSails Yachting take you on the journey of your dreams you aren’t likely to forget.

3 peninsulas
3 experiences

If you take a look at the map of Halkidiki, you will notice three peninsulas. They all penetrate the sea and feature extraordinary beauty. You will know them by names Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos (from west to east).

Kassandra is your vacation destination if you enjoy partying in a beautiful environment. You can find many beautiful beaches on Kassandra’s coastline. Some of them are with limited access from inland. Thus, you have ‘exclusive rights’ to access these beaches with BabaSails Yachting .

Unlike Kassandra, whose many resorts line the coastline, Sithonia boasts intact nature. Sithonia accommodation is amazing. Up close or from afar, its pristine beauty will amaze you. Hence, watch from the comfort of your yacht how wooded areas alternate with rocky areas. Splendid beaches are more numerous than on Kassandra.

Finally, as a monastic republic, Athos is off limits to the females. But, it doesn’t apply for cruising around this splendid mountainous ‘finger’. So, there is much you can witness during your cruise around Mount Athos.

Like endless natural beauty existing in symbiosis with great examples of human’s craftsmanship.

now take a detailed look

Once you do so, a microcosm of miracles will pop-up from the box called Halkidiki in front of you.

And it will consist of:

  • Turquoise sea water that meets with gold sand of the beaches and verdant coastline.
  • Dense pine forests with beehives, which produce the first-class honey.
  • Many tucked away coves with likable taverns serving fish and delicious seafood.
  • Archaeological sites, like Olynthos, Temple of Amon Zeus and Ancient Stagira.
  • And traditional villages and natural wonders, such as the Petralona Cave.

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