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Unique natural beauty of Thessaly & Sporades islands

unique natural beauty of Thessaly

In Thessaly, the heart of Greece, you will find areas of endless beauty.

On the mainland, let Mountain Kissavos, gorges, rivers and lakes amaze you.

On your way, don’t miss to visit Meteora, beaches of Pelion, and Elati and Petrouli villages. Lake Plastira will remind you of Switzerland or North Europe, with its idyllic landscape.

But, once you set off from the port city of Volos, you will discover green islands of the Sporades.

the Sporades Islands

The big trio of gorgeous islands is a dream destination for many people. On one of them, popular “Mamma Mia” movie originated.

You will find that Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos are green oases in blue infinity. Come to Skiathos to enjoy a string of beautiful beaches, including famous Koukounaries.

On Skopelos, the most verdant island of the Sporades, admire its capital’s architecture.

Take hiking paths of Alonissos to discover pristine nature.


Skiathos is the most visited island of the Sporades. Among other travelers, Skiathos caters to cosmopolitan and adventurous people. You will come to love its distinctive mood and beaches edged by dense forests. The island’s bars and restaurants serve delicious meals. If you enjoy a vacation on your personal yacht, even better. The island isn’t large, so you can complete a full circle around it very fast. Most of all, stop by the isolated beach of Lalaria. At the end of the day, anchor your vessel in a lovely marina.

The capital of the island will delight you with its engaging nightlife. If you like to walk, there are a few beaches you can access on foot. Use the flawless bus service to reach distant beaches quickly. From Koukounaria Beach, you can find other beautiful beaches nearby by walking. Some other places you should visit on Skiathos are caves and the 14th century castle. Finally, friendly locals will do their best to make you welcome and satisfied.


To completely rest your body, mind and soul, come to Skopelos. The island is the best choice if you are a fan of nature and art. Lest to be unsure what to expect, watch the Mamma Mia movie for clarification.

Rent a yacht if you don’t have your own to discover the attractive coastline. It consists of pine forests descending to the coast and many coves. Anchor your vessel there and listen to the sounds of the wind and waves. In the picturesque capital, walk along the cobblestone streets and admire neoclassical buildings. Also, art is the soul of the town. Thus, examine beautiful works of art such as vases, little boats and else.


The least developed island of three main islands is Alonissos. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should avoid it, quite the contrary. Lush greenery dominates the island that boasts attractive beaches. You will find peace and tranquility here anytime, even in the high season. Alonissos’ magic will enchant you.

Make sure to admire its beautiful imagery and take a nighttime walk in its seaside villages. And, of course, jump into the crystal-clear water whenever the chance presents itself to you.

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