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4 Rookie’s Travel Mistakes to Avoid

4 Rookie's Travel Mistakes to Avoid

When travelling for the first time, it is easy to make rookie mistakes. Here is a list of the most common ones and how to avoid them.

When preparing for your first trip, it might be stressful because you are unsure if you took enough clothes or too many. Furthermore, it can be a struggle for rookie travelers to prepare an entire schedule for their trip.

However, Greece is a top country in creating unique tours for all travellers.

Therefore, you would certainly not miss anything on your holidays. Additionally, Babasails will always have everything you need during your time with us. Thus, you should never worry if you might forget something in your hurry.

However, we still prepared a list of the top 4 mistakes rookie travellers often do, and how you can avoid them.

1. No tour plans

Many rookie travellers think it will be easy to stroll around a completely new place without any plan.

That’s a grave mistake. Without having at least an idea of your destination’s sights and layout, you might end up going in circles trying to find something interesting to do. Eventually, you will probably end up in the most touristic, crowded place, which might not be what you desire.

Therefore, before your departure day, make sure to search where and what you would like to do during your trip. Otherwise, it would be easier to get advice from a tour operator, counselor, or agency.

2. Not sleeping on the flight

Sleeping on the flight, especially on long flights, will save your energy and help you have a smoother time during your holidays. Undoubtedly, whether it is your first flight or the millionth, it is exciting.

However, even if the view out of your window is heavenly, sleep is more important. Travelling is always tiring, first because of the constant movement but also it is psychologically draining.

Thus, to save energy for the rest of your trip, get as much sleep as you can.

3. Overpacking

The most common mistake many rookie travellers make is overpacking. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to look at their best when on holiday. Perhaps you will go for a date night at a fancy restaurant or bar. Or you might have planned to join a concert or a festival. I know you might want to have all kinds of choices for clothing when on holiday.

Still, it is wiser to pack neutrals that can be worn more than once and bring accessories that take up minimum space to add pops of colour or patterns.

4. Too many activities on arrival

The first day of any trip is probably the most exhausting. No matter the short distance you might have travelled, getting to a completely different environment, riding cars, trains, buses, or planes, and overthinking about your luggage and whether you are on the right flight will definitely exhaust you.

Therefore, it is wise for the first day of your trip to rest and have a relatively quiet day with low-key activities.


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