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Escape the Ordinary: A Thessaloniki Sailing Adventure

Escape the Ordinary: A Thessaloniki Sailing Adventure

See yourself gracefully gliding over the glistening Aegean Sea, with the distant skyline of Thessaloniki fading into the background. Experience the wonder and history of Greece’s second city on a mesmerising 4-hour sailing expedition. It’s not a dream, but rather a genuine opportunity to learn about its rich past.

This group excursion leaves from central Thessaloniki, not far from the lively Aristotelous Square. On your way out, you’ll see famous sites like the Lefkos Pyrgos and the futuristic Music Hall take on a breathtaking new appearance against the blue sky. Panoramic views of the beautiful coastline of Thessaloniki take precedence over the lively new waterfront promenade.

As you unwind on the sailboat, the crew will tend to your every need with complimentary wine, soft drinks, and refreshments. Savour the genuine flavours of Greece with a lovely tasting of local goods, taking your taste buds on an extra-special journey.

When you get to the picturesque seaside villages of Peraia and Neoi Epivates, the story continues to unravel. Here, things take it easy, letting you pick your own path through the trip. Enjoy the local culture, relax on the soft beach, and swim in the pristine seas at your own pace. Charming alleys adorned with cafés and taverns entice, each one offering a possible refuge for genuine Greek food and a window into the local culture.

A well-informed guide will reveal the region’s rich history during the voyage. Thessaloniki is a fascinating city, and you’ll learn more about it as you go from its ancient history to its lively modern day.

Indulge in this SKG 4-hour sailing tour that combines cultural exploration, relaxation, and stunning scenery. It’s more than simply a sightseeing trip. It’s the ideal way to get away from it all, seeing Thessaloniki from a new angle and making memories that will last a lifetime in Greece.

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