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5 Reasons Why Sailing is the Best Way to Travel

5 Reasons Why Sailing is the Best Way to Travel

Sailing is a way of traveling that gains popularity as we speak. And small wonder since boat trips offer plenty of one of a kind experiences. Not so long ago, only adventurers and passionate sailors enjoyed this type of traveling.

5 Reasons Why Sailing is the Best Way to Travel

But today, even families benefit of this flexible activity. There are many reasons why sailing is the best way of traveling. And the following 5 are the biggest of them:

1. Sailing is freedom

The freedom you feel while sailing is unmatched. With the open sea behind and the land in front of you, nothing constraints you in any way. Everything answers to you and you answer to nothing. In short, you are free like an eagle in the sky to do whatever you want and go wherever you wish. There are no strings attached.

2. The uniqueness of landscapes

Viewed from the sea, every landscape outstrips the most beautiful painting ever made. You have rugged or flat countryside in front of you? A town at the base of a hill or a cove? Either way, you have a seat in the first row for the best views of the area.

3. Getting personal with the marine life

While sailing, nothing stands between you and the diverse sea life. So, what you have read about earlier may appear right in front of your eyes. It isn’t impossible for some curious dolphin or whale to come to say “hi” to you. Also, you are much more likely to find sea stars, corals, even shipwrecks when putting some distance between the shore and the boat.

4. Island hopping is a piece of cake

Organizing a visit to an island exerts quite an effort when you are on the mainland. While sailing, though, nothing is easier than that. And there are many islands in Greece that are worth visiting. Getting between them by boat is as efficient as it gets. Just ask yourself how much time and effort would it take to travel from one island to the other by plane, if available.

5. Sunbathing on an empty beach

Finally, finding and enjoying empty beaches is the privilege of sailors. Most beaches accessible from the land tend to attract many people. Those accessible from the sea, though, you may enjoy on your own.

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