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5 Things to Do before you go Sailing

5 Things to Do before you go Sailing

Going Sailing is a great experience but becomes memorable only when you are well prepared for the trip. Read the 5 things to do before you set sail.

5 Things to Do before You Go Sailing

Going sailing is a lifetime experience even to the less adventurous types. It creates a sense of freedom and beautiful memories. It sounds exciting and it is, but sailing the open sea is not easy. Even if this is going to be a half-day cruise, you will be spending plenty of hours under the sun.

Even if you book a sailing trip to a relatively nearby destination, you’ll be far away from land and the sea will be your only friend. At times, it can get windy. And you want the elements to be on your side. Don’t you?

To help you get organized before you set sail, we offer 5 useful tips so that the only thing you’ll bring back is unforgettable memories.

1. Charter a sailing yacht with a professional crew

Even if you have some experience, prefer to charter a crewed sailing yacht. Sailing is not a one-man job and a couple of tutorials don’t make you an expert. If you plan to embark in Thessaloniki, Greece, BabaSails Yachting is an excellent choice for several destinations, ranging from a cruise in Halkidiki to the Sporades Islands.

2. Get the right sailing wear

We cannot stretch enough the importance of wearing the right shoes. It can get slippery on boats. Naturally, you should bring sunscreen, bathing suits, sunglasses, towels and something warm in case it gets chilly.

3. Bring along must-take medicine

Chartered yachts often have first-aid kits. But if you are on prescription, don’t forget to get your own medicine well-protected in a waterproof bag.

4. Make sure there will be food & beverages on board

Make arrangements to be sufficient food and beverages in the sailing yacht. It’s imperative that there’s plenty of fresh water. And don’t forget, if you are prone to seasickness, avoid booze.

5. Choose an interesting itinerary

To get all the fun a sailing cruise provides, prefer isolated waters leading to secret beaches. The only thing left to do is sit back and relax.


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