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A Journey to Mamma Mia Islands

A Journey to Mamma Mia Islands

Have you ever wondered if the movie Mamma Mia islands in Greece truly exists? Well, the answer is yes. It exists and awaits you at the Sporades to visit and explore its stunning beaches!

Greece has always been a compelling country attracting travellers from all over the world. Recently, everyone’s interest and admiration increased thanks to the fabulous movie Mamma Mia.

The extraordinary landscapes in the movie have made everyone fall in love hard with Greece. But one would wonder whether the stunning islands from the movie really exist. The answer is yes. The locations from the movie are not imaginary. They exist and welcome millions of travellers yearly.

Mamma Mia’s islands and stunning landscapes can be found on the islands of the Sporades in the Aegean Sea. Sporades islands are absolutely gorgeous. For the best tours, join BabaSails Yachting for a grand tour around the big trio islands that is a dream destination. Mamma Mia was specifically filmed at Skopelos and Skiathos. However, you can’t dismiss Alonissos, which is as outstanding as the other two.

Out of the three islands, Skiathos is visited more and is known for its smart cosmopolitan ambience. Additionally, it has beautiful crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. However, unlike many other islands of the Aegean Sea, it has incredible forests accompanied by green mountainous landscapes.

Skopelos is famous as the Mamma Mia island since it was used for most of the movie’s scenes. The most popular destination on the island is the Mamma Mia church, originally called Agios Ioannis Kastri. Unlike Skiathos, Skopelos is relatively quiet and best suited for those looking to rest their mind and soul.

Alonissos is the least developed island of the three which is what makes it part of the list. In the movie Mamma Mia, we see the carefree and lively life of the Greek islands. Yet, due to Skiathos and Skopelos’ popularity, both islands have become attractive to mass tourism. Therefore, travellers often prefer the quaint lifestyle of Alonissos.

Travellers can have an organised tour around the three islands or rent a private yacht to experience every little detail of the islands.

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