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A Two-Day Sailing Trip Is All You Need in the Summer

A Two-Day Sailing Trip Is All You Need in the Summer

By booking a two-day sailing trip in Toroneos Gulf, you get the chance to rest, party, and rejuvenate while enjoying the most secluded beaches in Halkidiki Greece.

A Two-Day Sailing Trip Is All You Need in the Summer

Planning the perfect summer weekend getaway is as easy as scheduling a two-day sailing trip. Now, if you are already on vacation or can get away from your work in the middle of the week, all the better. It will be even easier to book a sailing cruise at BabaSails Yachts.

What would be a better two-day escape from reality than sailing in Toroneos gulf in Halkidiki Greece, discovering secluded beaches, and spending a day in Kelifos Island?

Why book a two-day sailing trip

A two-day sailing trip is long enough to allow you to do many things and still short enough if you don’t have too many days to spare for holidays.

It would be an excellent idea if you want to throw a party for your anniversary, birthday, or just for the fun of it since you can stay up late without worrying about getting back home or to the hotel and will still be surrounded by your friends and the sea when you wake up.

On the other hand, a 2-day sailing cruise will give you the opportunity to relax without missing out the fun of snorkeling, scuba diving, or fishing.

A sailing cruise in Toroneos Gulf is all you need to relax

The sailing yachts are luxurious with comfortable cabins that can accommodate several people while the skipper knows all the secluded beaches making your trip exotic.

By cruising in Toroneos gulf, you can enjoy the beauties of both the Sithonia and Kassandra peninsulas, spend hours in Kelifos Island – known for its turtle-like shape, and stop in any village you like – from Nikiti to N. Marmaras.

Can you imagine a better weekend ?



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