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Feel free with summer sailing

Feel free with summer sailing

Want to feel carefree and welcome? Do you wish to sail freely in the brilliant blue waters of Greece? Come and join us at the LGBTQ+ friendly Baba Yacht Sailing for a free summer!

Travelling can easily be a synonym of freedom, yet sometimes it is hard to experience it. Undoubtedly, when we are on the road away from our home’s safety and out of our comfort zone, we still need to feel secure.

After all, there is no better feeling in the world than being true to ourselves and not hiding away out of fear. Unfortunately, many countries and places might not accept everyone, such as people of the LGBTQ+ community. However, as it was recently declared, the EU is an LGBTQ+ freedom zone.

Thus, just like in every country in the EU, Greece welcomes the LGBTQ+ community yearly with warm hearts and open arms.

For a relaxing holiday in Greece, we prefer Baba Sails Yachting. Here, you can freely enjoy the company of your friends, your partner, or your family while sailing in the always brilliant blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy yachting and sailing at Halkidiki or Thessaloniki with our luxurious yachts and friendly crew.

Immerse into the carefree lifestyle of Greece and relish the fantastic azure waters of the sea.

You can choose different sailing trips and have a holiday of crazy parties right on the water or romantic trips in the moonlight and relaxing family vacations of exploring Greece’s coasts.

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