Get to Know Thessaloniki from a Sailing Boat

Get to Know Thessaloniki from a Sailing Boat

If you want to get acquainted with Thessaloniki, book a sailing cruise. You don’t only see Thessaloniki as a card postal, but witness its history & heartbeat.

Get to Know Thessaloniki from a Sailing Boat

Booking a sailing trip in Thessaloniki with BabaSails Yachting is the best way to grasp the beauty of the second largest city of Greece in all its glory. You have nothing more to do than sit back and relax as the sailboat will float on the calm waters of the Thermaic Gulf.

You get the chance to witness history criss-cross with modernity, revealing the elegance of a city of such a great cultural interest.

You sail and discover the history of the port of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a port city in northern Greece. Built on the Thermaic Gulf, it is best admired from a sailing boat. The port of Thessaloniki is one of the largest ones in the Aegean Sea with significant traffic annually.

As you sail away from the terminals, keep in mind that this port has been the place where the citizens gathered after the great fire in 1917 and also the place which hosted millions of refugees arriving from Minor Asia, Russia, and other nearby locations from 1920 onwards. Today, it houses the Museum of Photography and the Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki, while one of the warehouses hosts the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

The sailing boat cruises along the promenade & history

As the sailing boat continues its trip, you see the long promenade that stretches from the port to the Music Hall at the other end of the city and life unfolding uphill all the way to the castle of Thessaloniki. Right before your eyes stands the White Tower, a monument that was a prison during the Ottoman rule and today it serves as a museum.

While the boat cruises along the 5 km long promenade, you get the chance to admire the Aristotle Square, the statue of Alexander the Great, and the Zongolopoulos Umbrellas – a sculpture that became a landmark since it was first installed in 1997 and when Thessaloniki was the European Capital of Culture.

Last but not least, you will be amazed by the thematic parks on the recently renovated promenade and feel the heartbeat of the city by watching the locals biking their way to work. It’d be a perfect day!