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Kassandra and Halkidiki Highlights: A Tour of Cape Possidi

Kassandra and Halkidiki Highlights

Possidi Cape is one of the top sites you need to visit on Kassandra, Halkidiki. It is a sandbar jutting into the sea and one of the most romantic spots of the peninsula. Have a photo of you while standing by the sea at the sandbar’s southern side.

And it may appear as if being taken somewhere along the Mediterranean coast of the Sahara in Africa. Yet, taking photos is but one reason why you should visit Cape Possidi, one of the highlights of Kassandra. Your accommodation in Siviri is very close.

Other great reasons are:

Ever-changing shape of the promontory

Another curiosity of Possidi Cape is its inclination toward changing shapes. This usually isn’t obvious in one day. But visiting the sandy promontory in a few-day interval may well introduce a different shape.

Sometimes, the tip of the miniature desert may resemble a tip of a spear. The next time, it may transform itself into a hook or something entirely different.

Cape Possidi boasts great views

On a sunny day when the sea doesn’t evaporate intensely, views stretch far and wide. To the north, you can enjoy seeing the forested coastline of Kassandra’s western side.

Across the Thermaic Gulf, Mount Olympus, the legendary home of the Greek gods, defines the skyline. Yet, visiting Cape Possidi may be as well interesting after rain. Here and there, a miniature lake tends to form in the sand, reflecting the cloudy sky.

The mini desert is ideal for relaxing in peace

Possidi Cape is a long sandbar you can access by car. It is a few dozen kilometers away from bustling villages of the eastern coast of Kassandra, Halkidiki. Hence, the cape is almost never crowded.

Bring water, snacks and parasols. The nearest shops and bars are a few kilometers away in the Possidi village and on Aigeopelagitika Beach.

Possidi Cape is moody

This statement doesn’t mean anything bad, of course. Just as the sandy desert changes its shape, it features different water currents. The side facing the open sea to the south features restless water with large waves. To enjoy calm waters, all you need to do is get to the western side, facing the Thermaic Gulf.

Depending on your exact location, only a few-meter space may separate you from turbulent to balmy sea.

[ Photo Credits : worldtogetherclub.com ]

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