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Let’s Go Sailing – September is Still Summer

Let's Go Sailing - September is Still Summer

Don’t fret to go sailing in Greece in September! The weather is still very warm, the strong summer winds have already stopped, & the sea is all yours.

Let’s Go Sailing – September is Still Summer in Greece

When you think about sailing trips, your mind travels to warm days and a nice sea breeze that caresses your skin without giving you the chills. And so, when someone pops the idea of going sailing in Greece in September, you get goose-bumps. Chill (not).

The weather in Greece in September is lovely. And although the team at BabaSails Yachts is still very busy, Halkidiki is not as crowded as it is in the midst of summer. And so, September is the best month for sailing trips.

The weather in September is ideal for sailing

The weather in Greece is Mediterranean. Naturally. What this means is that the summers last longer than in northern regions. The average temperature in September is 25 C degrees and often higher.

The days are full of sun, the August meltemia (strong winds) have come to an end, and the chance to rain is close to zero. In other words, this is one of the best seasons to book a sailing cruise and explore the sea.

More than one reason for going sailing in September

Halkidiki is crowded during the summer. Naturally, the highest sailing season is July and August. But the warm weather and the calm sea extend the sailing charter period from the early spring to the late autumn. In September the school starts and most folks head back to the office and so chartering a sailing yacht is easier and often cheaper while the nice weather stands by your side.

No meltemia, cold, or extreme heat. Just the perfect weather for one more sailing journey.


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