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Main Ports of Halkidiki Greece

Main Ports of Halkidiki Greece

Halkidiki is as diverse a region as it gets. Organized and pristine beaches alternate constantly, as well as valleys, hills and mountains. These are the main reasons why tourists visit this lovely destination.

Yet, admiring its beauty from ashore and from the open sea are two different things. And combining sightseeing with activities in Halkidiki’s main sea ports leads to premium vacation.

Pefkohori Sea Port, Kassandra

The sea port of Pefkohori has a long, pebble beach. The resort consists of two main streets. One is a seaside promenade, while the other is a road passing through Pefkohori.

The port features opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. Bars, taverns, stores and nightclubs are available here. While on the beach, you are free to use deckchair by purchasing a drink at the bar.

Hanioti (Chaniotis) is the major tourist resort of Kassandra Peninsula. Located a short distance from Pefkochori, it boasts even bigger entertaining and shopping opportunities.

Miraggio Marina, Kassandra

Miraggio Marina, located at the southwest portion of Kassandra, is another sea gateway of Halkidiki. The marina features commercial venues (restaurants, shops), convenient services (security and maintenance), and much more.

Neos Marmaras, Sithonia

Neos Marmaras is the principal seaside resort of Sithonia Peninsula. This picturesque sea port is quite hilly. You will barely cover 100 meters of flat ground before starting heading downward or upward. Neos Marmaras isn’t a place where you will find rich nightlife. However, everything else is in full supply. The resort features great shopping, excellent dining and attractive photo opportunities.

The town center doesn’t have an organized beach. For relaxing on a long, sandy beach, you should take a 15-minute walk from the marina to the south.

Porto Koufo, Sithonia

Porto Koufo is a small fishing village with little activities you can do. But it is set in one of the largest natural harbors in Greece, surrounded by high hills.

Ouranoupolis, Athos

Ouranoupolis is one more significant sea port of Halkidiki. Located at the doorstep of Mount Athos, it attracts pilgrims wishing to tour this sacred mountain. The resort itself is a small one, ideal for a peaceful stay. It disposes of souvenir stores, shops and taverns. Nightlife facilities aren’t available in this resort.

The conclusion is that if you are fond of sailing and nightlife, don’t head east of Kassandra. But if premium sightseeing, great shopping and extraordinary dining suffice, you will find those everywhere in Halkidiki.

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