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A Short Lesson of Greek Language for Tourists

A Short Lesson of Greek Language for Tourists

Greece is a country famous for its beauty, cultural legacy and gastronomy. For these reasons, many people come to our country to spend their holidays.

To make their guests and clients comfortable, the Greeks speak English and other languages. However, there are still people who speak only Greek. Thus, dropping in a word or two in Greek on occasion may come in handy. So, continue reading to learn some basic rules, words and phrases that could help you a lot at times.

Basic rules in Greek language

Greek alphabet has some rules one could find unusual. So, before learning basic Greek words and phrases, you should keep in mind the following:

– The Greeks pronounce letter “g” as “y” in the word “yes”.

– Written Greek letter “b,” like “bus” appears as “μπ.”

– Written Greek “n” (like no) is actually “ν.”

– So, you would write the word “banana” like this – “μπανάνα.”

– Next, you pronounce the “y” like “yesterday” when you have “i” or “e” behind the letter.

Therefore, to order Gyro, a famous Greek specialty, you pronounce “yee-roh.”

  • The way to pronounce letter “d” is as if you pronounce “theory”.
  • You should pronounce letter “I” as “ee”, like “see”.

General Greek words and phrases

Hello or Goodbye: Γειά σου (written) Yah-soo (pronounced).

Thank you: Ευχαριστώ – Eff-kha-ri-stoe.

Yes: Ναί – neh.

No: όχι – OH-hee.

Excuse me or Sorry: Συγνώμη – See-GHNO-mee.

Please or You are welcome: Παρακαλώ – para-kah-LOE.

Good morning: Καλημέρα – Kah-lee-mer-ah.

Good Evening: Καλησπέρα – Kah-lee-sper-ah.

Good night (used when someone goes to bed): Καληνύχτα – Kah-lee-neekh-tah.

I don’t understand: Δεν καταλαβαίνω – then ka-ta-la-ve-noh.

Can you help me: Βοήθεια – voh-EE-thee-yah.

Nice to meet you: Χαίρω Πολύ – heh-ro po-li.

Do you speak English: Μιλάτε αγγλικά – Mee-LAH-teh ag-li-KAH?

I like Greece: Μου αρέσει η Ελλάδα – mou a-resi i E-la-tha.

How much this costs: Πόσο κάνει αυτό – POH-soh KAH-nee af-TOH?

Let’s go to the beach: ας πάμε στην παραλία – Pah-me stin pa-ra-lea


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