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The Alphabet of Sailing

The Alphabet of Sailing

Before you start to read, you need to learn the letters. Before you start to drive, you need to learn the traffic signs.

The same analogy can be applied to sailing. Therefore, before you set off for an adventure on the sea, you need to learn a basic terminology that will allow you to communicate with other sailors.

Thus, BabaSails Yachting represents to you some basic terms used in sailing.

Alphabet of Sailing

Aback means that the wind blows on the wrong side of the sails.

Beam reach indicates that the wind blows from across the beam of a vessel. This is especially significant for fore-and-art rigged vessels, which sail the fastest on this occasion.

Fair has a couple of meanings, but it is most commonly used to indicate favorable winds that speed up the vessel.

Gale is the term used to warn of a strong wind, with the speed of up to 40 knots.

Knot is a speed measurement unit. One knot is a 1 nautical mile per hour speed.

Lazaret indicates the location of the steering equipment on the vessel.

Leeward is a term used to indicate sailing away from the wind’s direction.

Leeway indicates unwanted side movements of the vessel. Those are usually the result of the wind blowing sideways.

Life jacket is also called a life vest or a life preserver. It allows a person wearing it to remain on the water surface.

Magnetic north points out the direction of the compass. It differs from geographic north because magnetic fields aren’t aligned to it.

Main mast is a term used for the tallest or only upright post that carries sails.

Nautical mile is a measurement unit on the sea. 1 nautical mile consists of 1852 meters.

Offshore signifies moving away from the coastline.

Self draining indicates an area with a drain that is capable of eliminating the collected water. The draining system could be used for draining the equipment and clothes.

Sextant is an object used in the celestial navigation. It determines the vessel’s position in regard to the sun, moon and stars.

Windward signifies sailing in the wind’s direction. It is opposite of leeward.

Zephyr is a term indicating a gentle breeze. Nothing to worry about.


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