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5 Alternative Greek Islands to Visit in 2023

5 Alternative Greek Islands to Visit

Do you want to visit the Greek islands this summer but prefer to avoid big crowds? Check these 5 alternative Greek islands for an unforgettable summer holiday in 2023.

Greek islands are top choices for a summer holiday for all ages and budgets. They feature stunning sea views, unbeatable beaches, breathtaking nature, perfect for hiking or biking, beautiful architectural styles, and fantastic cultural and historic sites.

But most people are familiar with only a few islands, even though Greece has thousands of beautiful islands. Perhaps the two most popular are Mykonos and Santorini due to their beauty, as well as convenience since both feature an airport.

However, if you are willing to put extra effort into an unforgettable summer holiday on a Greek island, you can find many other less popular and touristy yet gorgeous islands to visit.

Here are five alternative islands you can visit this summer for a fantastic holiday.


Amorgos is at the southeastern edge of the Cyclades and is known for its superb sea views. It is an impressive island offering stunning beaches with sky-blue waters, gorgeous caves, ideal spots for diving, scenic bays and coves, and beautiful nature paths. Furthermore, the island has thousands of years old history that you can explore through various archaeological sites and museums.


Kalymnos is world-renowned for traditional sponge harvesting. After the Second World War, this was the only Greek sponge trade business that survived and thrived. Therefore, this is an excellent island to experience Greece’s history after the war. Furthermore, the island is the perfect destination for alternative and adventurous tourism. Here you can climb giant vertical rocks, explore centuries-old shipwrecks while scuba diving, discover enchanting caves, and visit gorgeous beaches and picturesque traditional villages.


Leros is a lesser-known island in the Dodecanese Islands group. However, it is as beautiful as other famous Aegean Sea islands. It boasts many beautiful natural harbors, coves, and sandy and pebbly beaches. In fact, Leros’ town Lakki possesses the deepest natural harbor in the entire Mediterranean Basin. Another unique feature of the island is the architectural style of the buildings, called Italian Rationalism. The style was invented by Italians who ruled the Dodecanese from 1912 to 1943.


Greek islands may be known for their gorgeous beaches, but Karpathos has more than that. As the second largest island in the Dodecanese group, Karpathos features high mountains, pristine landscapes, lush pine forests, charming folk villages, turquoise waters, and rich history to explore through archaeological sites and museums. While on the island, be sure to participate in one of their many traditional festivals and experience the carfree island lifestyle to your heart’s content.

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