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What to do on a Shore Excursion on the Kassandra Peninsula

What to do on a Shore Excursion on the Kassandra Peninsula

Sailing in the waters around Halkidiki is always the right thing. Varied landscapes and magical sunsets are especially beautiful when enjoyed from the sea. And you have enchanting, crystal-clear waters only to yourself.

But sooner or later, you need to drop the anchor and land. And these are the reasons why you should have a shore excursion on the Kassandra Peninsula, Halkidiki, Greece.

Having fun and enjoying peace

Kassandra Peninsula offers you anything you might wish. Attractive shopping, engaging nightlife, rich sightseeing and relaxing in peace are some options. For shopping until dropping, anchor around Polichrono, Chanioti or Pefkohori along the east coast. To dance into the night, anchor in Kallithea, somewhat to the north.

Spending a day or two in a peaceful and attractive environment is also possible. For that, choose villages on the western side of Kassandra. Nea Skioni, Possidi and Fourka beach are some good places.

Beaches of Kassandra

Kassandra has many attractive beaches you should discover up close. Some of them are awarded with Blue Flag. Many of them have a long shoal and are very long. And you are going to love Kassandra’s east coast if you like to walk on the beach. We could say without exaggeration that you can almost cover the entire length of the east coast from Pefkohori to Kallithea by walking by the sea.

Kassandra Sightseeing

Before boarding your vessel, consider renting a car for a day or two. Roads on Kassandra are good. And you can get between the farthermost points of the peninsula in about an hour. Driving along the coast will take you from one picturesque village to another.

Also, don’t hesitate to take side roads if the weather and road conditions are good. Along those, you’ll discover interesting spots, viewpoints and small, yet beautiful churches.

You can also take a walk on dirt roads through hills abounding with vantage points. Along the way, you are likely to encounter fellow hikers. Ask them about interesting places unknown to other people. And traverse groves of olive and conifer trees along the way to discover them.


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