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5 Best Places to Visit in Greece During Christmas Holidays

5 Best Places to Visit in Greece During Christmas Holidays

Are you planning a trip to Greece for your Christmas holidays? If yes, check out the 5 best places to visit during Christmas in Greece.

When people think of Greece, most people think of beach holidays, sunshine, tasty cocktails, beautiful islands, ancient culture, the birthplace of democracy, and excellent food.

So, it is rare for someone to even consider Greece as a winter or Christmas destination. However, there are some great Christmas destinations in Greece and many unique traditions to see and experience.

The winter snow transforms mountain villages into Christmas card postcard scenes, and the mild winter in Greece still offers some sunshine.

Let’s check out the best places to visit in Greece during the Christmas holidays:


The city gets a mild winter, so you can still enjoy sightseeing without worrying about cold wind or snow. You can still visit Acropolis and its dazzling museum to marvel at the Parthenon Gallery.

A popular destination to feel the Christmas spirit is “Athens is Noel,” a popular venue in downtown Athens. The place is the best to dine in and enjoy an equally festive meal to get you in the warm mood of Christmas.


When it comes to festivities, Aristotelous Square is the place to check out. It is decorated with a huge Christmas tree. It has an official lightning ceremony with music, sparkles, and sounds of the Symphony.

You can also enjoy the Christmas markets and get some baked goods and other cool knick-knacks. Then hop on the Christmas train and ride the carousel with the kids!


You can enjoy a quaint but still lively Christmas holiday at the gorgeous island of Mykonos. You can admire the beautiful decorations and the traditional Christmas carols while enjoying stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Furthermore, on the 27th of December, you can participate in the feast dedicated to Agios Stefanos at the church. The feast lasts until the morning with delicious food, music and lots of dance.


This is a beautiful place to enjoy a quiet Christmas holiday. This place transforms itself into a fairytale village, and thus, you can feel like magic is real.

The streets are vibrant and lively with decorated, bright lights, and this is the best spot for a good shopping spree.


Kalavryta during Christmas turns into a postcard scene. On this mountain resort, you can try out snow activities like skiing and riding snowmobiles for a modern version of a Christmas sleigh.

You can go on a gorgeous train ride through a nearby canyon on the famous rack-and-pinion railway.

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