Halkidiki Sailing Experiences

All the awesome things you can do around Halkidiki

All the awesome things you can do around Halkidiki

Spending your holiday by the sea is great. But, enjoying it on a sailing yacht is even more rewarding. Especially if you come to enjoy the holiday in Halkidiki, a region of immense natural beauty. Now, let’s see what awaits you if you rent a BabaSails yacht and start sailing around.

Things not to miss while sailing

Once you set off from the coast, the first thing you should do is find an isolated beach and spend some time there. Only to listen to the calming sounds of the waves, the wind in treetops and your thoughts. If you embark on a western side of Kassandra or Sithonia, you will have a marvelous sunset just for you.

While you are ashore, the beautiful turquoise water will amaze you. But, once you set sail, the purity of the crystal clear sea will delight you. So, don’t leave behind your diving or snorkeling gear. Once you submerge, the playful sun rays will reveal to you the rich marine life under the water surface.

Besides secret beaches and marvelous sea, Halkidiki boasts many other assets. Dense pine forests of Sithonia and charming villages of Kassandra are some of them. Not to mention Possidi Cape Beach. The beach is a sort of a desert protruding into the sea, flanked by the blue waters from two sides. Forests of Sithonia are a perfect backdrop for amazing photos. Of Kassandra villages, spend some time in picturesque Afytos.

Also, there are several beaches of Kassandra where you can enjoy water sports. To that end, set the course to Chrouso Beach, which has calm waters. Or to Aigeopelagitika Beach, next to Possidi Cape Beach. But, if you are near Sithonia, go to Lagomandra Beach, Sarti or Vourvourou for water sports.

Finally, cruise around Athos to see beautiful monasteries and looming cliffs.

Interested in nightlife?

Daytime sailing activities are many, but your sailing yacht can take you to many nightlife hubs around Halkidiki. You can dock near famous beach bars of Kassandra for the nighttime entertainment.

Or stroll along the promenade of Thessaloniki during sunset. Once you become satisfied, return to your BabaSails yacht for a good night’s sleep.

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