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Are You a Backpacker or a Glampacker?

Are You a Backpacker or a Glampacker?

As we bear witness nowadays, borders of traveling expand with every passing day. As a result, many different types of travelers emerge in the sunlight as we speak.

There are still many people that condition trips with a lot of money. Yet, the evolution of traveling introduced tourists that know how to fulfill their wishes without (a lot of) money. Hence, meet backpackers and glampackers.

Is there a difference between backpackers and glampackers?

We can regard glampackers and backpackers simply as… backpackers. The basic philosophy of these travelers is the same. They go from one place to another on a controlled budged. But, there are still subtle and not-so-subtle differences among them, as you are about to find out.

The definition of a backpacker

As a backpacker, you would travel places you wish to know on a very low budget. You get around by hitching, and sleep in free or the most affordable accommodations. If it comes to that, you don’t even mind having a bath once in a while. These features imply that you have a genuine intent on:

  • Discovering the local way of life.
  • Touring less commercialized places and attractions.
  • And making the kind of lifetime memories few people have.

Glampacker, on the other hand…

… is a “backpacker” with more handsome budget and with slightly different motives for taking a trip. As a glampacker, you will stay at guest houses and keep to certain standards in dressing. Backpackers usually get back home only with stuff they had at the beginning of the trip. However, this doesn’t stand for their “richer counterparts”. Glampackers wouldn’t mind spending money to indulge themselves with shopping. Hence, they would reappear at home with considerable amount of luggage.

Thus, if you are a glampacker, the cause of your trip is:

  • Having a break between jobs.
  • Traveling for relaxation.
  • Having a great time in reputable stores and places.

The result is…

… having a great time either way. The biggest difference is whether you bring home a lot of memories or the equal amount of souvenirs and fashionable items.

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