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Thessaloniki: A City to Fall in Love

Thessaloniki: A City to Fall in Love

Known as the most romantic city in Greece, Thessaloniki is the ideal location to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. Be careful! You might fall in love with the city.

Thessaloniki: A City to Fall in Love

Falling in love (all over again) on St. Valentine’s Day may sound a bit cliché, but let’s be honest. Love still moves the strings! Now, getting the other to fall in love with you is not easy. It has to do with the silver platter. And what’s a better start than living the dream in the most suitable environment!

If you get the choice to be in Thessaloniki for St. Valentine’s Day, the city will reward you. It has exactly what it takes to enchant you or push the love of your life straight into your arms.

Thessaloniki romantic & ideal for St. Valentine’s

Have you seen the city when the sun gets ready to retire and the horse-drawn carriages leave that clapping sound behind as the yacht of BabaSails Cruises in the Thermaic Gulf? By definition, St. Valentine’s Day ought to be romantic.

And although a dozen red roses and some chocolates will not go unnoticed, the surroundings always play a role in the way things turn out.

The good news is that Thessaloniki is swamped with beautiful restaurants, bars, cafes, and corners where you can celebrate love.

Thessaloniki may lure you to fall in love with the city

What makes Thessaloniki the ideal location to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day is its mystic character. Be it the color of the sky over the Thermaic Gulf, the long promenade, its long history, the impressive City Walls, the beautiful faces, or the amazing architecture, Thessaloniki has more than ouzeries, shops, and museums.

It’s alive. It’s spicy, interesting, and vivid and such things affect its aura. You don’t have to find a specific place to fall in love; every corner you stand is ideal.

But beware. Thessaloniki may bewitch you and instead of falling in love all over again, you might fall in love with the city.

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