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The Best Halkidiki and Thessaloniki Sunset Hotspots

The Best Halkidiki and Thessaloniki Sunset Hotspots

It doesn’t take much for one to experience great sunset. Especially not in Halkidiki, the region of beautiful nature, and in Thessaloniki. A clear weather, nice environment and a location on the seaside or viewpoint are all it takes.

Halkidiki coastline is long and boasts many vantage points. So, finding excellent spots for enjoying the sunset is easy in here. But, if the very best is what you strive for, check out the following places.

Vladaton Monastery, Thessaloniki

The Vladaton Monastery, located in the upper part of Ano Poli, is among the undisputed sunset hotspots in Thessaloniki. The monastery itself is a noteworthy attraction.

Combine your visit with the sunset, when the descending sun casts soft colors over the city and the sea. Just note that many Thessalonians come here for sunset, so leave romance for some other occasion.

Angelochori Lighthouse, near Thessaloniki

If you are in the mood for a less crowded spot, a lighthouse near Angelochori, a place south of Thessaloniki, should suffice well. The lighthouse occupies the promontory west of the settlement.

From there, you can admire panoramic views of the sea reflecting soft hues of the descending sun. Take a blanket with you for a prolonged stay.

Possidi, Kassandra, Halkidiki

Possidi is one of the westernmost points of the Kassandra Peninsula. It is far away from tourist hotspots and ideal for a peaceful sunset experience. The additional bonus you may find here is the narrow cape jutting into the sea. That way, you, endless sea and hills in the distance may be alone here during the colorful sunset.

Parthenonas, Sithonia, Halkidiki

Parthenonas, near Neos Marmaras, is another nice place for admiring the sunset. Located on the slopes of Mount Itamos, the village offers views of the Toroneos Gulf and, somewhat farther, Kassandra.

Beautiful architecture, peaceful streets and verdant hills are bonus assets to enjoy.

Finding Other Exceptional Places for Sunset Experiences

The above-mentioned places are just to begin with. These are just the first among many sunset hotspots offering great experience.

Western coastlines of Halkidiki’s peninsulas are long, and beaches and viewpoints are many. So, help yourself.

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