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Best Halkidiki Water Sports

Best Halkidiki Water Sports

Getting fun on the seaside is easy. But this is especially true with water sports around. Some people are content with boating at a slow pace. For others, nothing compares to water-skiing at full speed.

And the Halkidiki region of Greece has such opportunities and everything between them. Now, let’s see where you are sure to find best Halkidiki water sports in the area.


You can find the Vourvourou resort in northeast of Sithonia peninsula. This area is just outstanding for kayaking. There is a little archipelago by the coast, which adds a boost to sightseeing activities. And there are various kayaking opportunities on offer. Half-day, full-day, sunset and yoga kayaking are some of them.


Tubing is ideal for everyone wishing to leave out rowing, but to keep sightseeing. And to add a bit of excitement to their experience. A boat pulls the tube, which makes this particular activity pretty entertaining and suitable for all ages. Tubes vary in size, and can accommodate up to 10 people. There is a provider offering this activity near Kallithea, north of Kriopigi, in Kassandra peninsula.

Pedal boating

Lagomandra Beach is north of Neos Marmaras in Sithonia. This amazing beach is even more attractive thanks to a wide range of waters sports on offer there. And pedal boating is among them. This area of Sithonia is very beautiful, which makes the exploration at a slow pace particularly rewarding.

Jet skiing

If you need to spice up your summer holiday with a dose of adrenaline, jet-skiing is the right thing for you. And it is available on the most famous beaches in Sithonia and Kassandra peninsula.


For combining scenic views of the surroundings and the adrenaline rush, parasailing is the top activity. And it is available at two places in the Kassandra Peninsula – Nea Poteidaia and, again, Kallithea. Plus, you can enjoy parasailing in a tandem with another person.

Other Halkidiki water sports to enjoy

Of course, the list of attractive water sports available doesn’t end with these. Diving, banana boating, wake boarding, water-skiing and canoeing are some others you would like. Also, use the nearness of Thessaloniki, the second major city in Greece, to explore this great destination. While there, let BabaSails Yachting take you to a memorable sailing experience.

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