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Take a Marvelous Cruise around Mount Athos

Take a Marvelous Cruise around Mount Athos

Mount Athos is the third peninsula of Halkidiki and the center of Orthodox Christianity. It exists as the monastic community since the 10th century and there are 20 monasteries in total. 17 of these are Greek, while Russia, Serbia and Bulgaria have one each.

Mount Athos features exceptional natural beauty and great architecture.

Mount Athos between legend and reality

According to legend, the Virgin liked Mount Athos very much, asking her son to make it her personal garden. From then on, no other female human being could enter the area. Even males need a special permission to do so.

Yet, the ban doesn’t apply to sailing around this marvelous peninsula of Halkidiki. This way, you can see the diversity of the monastic architecture and the beauty of Mount Athos.

Sailing around Mount Athos

Sailing around the peninsula of Halkidiki is a great experience for everyone. Some monasteries are farther inland, but you can see many of them along the coastline. You will also witness looming cliffs and change of the terrain up close. Once you do, you will know why the Virgin loved this place so much.

First, you will see the peak of Mount Athos, shrouded in clouds. As you keep sailing, the monasteries standing atop the rocks and high above the sea come into view. Some of them amaze with their location, the others with great architecture.

Viewed from the sea, you will find Simonos Petras the most outstanding. The monastery stands on the rock and has tall turrets. Aghios Panteleimon, the Russian monastery, is the most impressive of Mount Athos’ monasteries.

Located next to the sea, it has a grand design and the bell tower with the 2nd largest bell in the world. As you sail around the Cape Akrathos, the Megisti Lavra emerges. Behold the largest and the oldest monastic complex of Mount Athos.

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