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Best Time to Book a Sailing Cruise in Greece

Best Time to Book a Sailing Cruise in Greece

The nice weather in Greece allows you to book a sailing cruise most months of the year. But your decision on when to set sail depends on your expectations too.

Best Time to Book a Sailing Cruise in Greece

A sailing cruise may be part of your summer vacation in Halkidiki or a way to enjoy the city of Thessaloniki from a different perspective. The peak season for sailing trips is from early May to late October.

After all, the summer holidays are associated with various sea activities, sailing included. Does this mean that sailing journeys are reserved solely for the summer? Far from it. It all depends on various factors, which actually determine which is the best time for you to book a sailing cruise.

Sail away in Greece from early spring to late fall

Out at sea, the temperatures are always lower than on the mainland. And so there’s no wonder that sailing cruises are at their peak during the summer. At BabaSails Yachts, they get so busy that you need to book as early as possible to set sail when you want it the most. Simply put, the weather is one major factor that affects the sailing industry. The nicer the weather, the busiest the industry.

The good news is that the weather in Greece is lovely for most months around the year. If you decide to visit Thessaloniki in November, you can set sail at Thermaic Gulf without worrying about the temperatures.

When to book a sailing yacht? It depends on your plans too

Sailing trips are often ways to create memories during a vacation. Halkidiki gets really crowded in the summer. Thessaloniki gets a large number of tourists all year around, but let’s face it. Most people avoid traveling in the midst of winter. And so, you can easily book a sailing trip if you visit Greece in the spring, summer, or autumn.

And then, it depends on your plans. Do you want to book a sailing trip to discover secluded bays at Halkidiki? Celebrate your birthday? Meet with schoolmates? Satisfy a business client? If your intentions don’t include swimsuits and sunbathing, you can book a sailing yacht nearly any time of the year.

So, your decision on when to book a sailing trip depends on your plans and expectations too. It’s crowded and hot in the summer and calmer during the low seasons. But the sea is calm and a sailing trip is the best treat for most seasons.


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