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Best Ways to Enjoy the Seafront of Thessaloniki

Best Ways to Enjoy the Seafront of Thessaloniki

The seafront of Thessaloniki is one of the main attractions in the city. Whether you prefer sailing or walking, discover the best ways to enjoy the waterfront.

Best Ways to Enjoy the Seafront of Thessaloniki

When you travel to Thessaloniki, you cannot miss visiting the seafront. Stretching from the city’s port to the Music Hall, it’s one of the largest promenades in the country and definitely worth discovering. The way you do that is up to you.

It depends on whether you want to take short breaks and enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the recently structured thematic parks or hardly have some spare time and prefer an easy way to enjoy the seafront of Thessaloniki.

Walking the Thessaloniki seafront

In spite of the long distance from one end to the other, the promenade of Thessaloniki is easy to walk. There are benches across the waterfront and plenty of points of interest that will make you stop and take a breath or enjoy a drink. You can take pictures in front of the famous Umbrellas or visit one of the 13 theme parks.

Biking is a way to enjoy the seafront of Thessaloniki

The promenade is wide enough to let people walk and bike with ease. Recently, the waterfront was renovated, and a bicycle lane has been created. As a visitor, you most likely don’t have a bike with you, but you can rent. It’s easy to cycle your way to the end of the promenade, stop wherever you like, and exercise.

Let the horses lead the way

There are horse-drawn carriages that will allow you to enjoy the waterfront of Thessaloniki. You won’t travel as fast as you would with a bike, but it would be more relaxing and romantic.

Book a sailing cruise in Thermaic Gulf

If you have limited time, lack the energy to walk, or simply love the sea, booking a sailing cruise in Thessaloniki is the best way to admire the waterfront.

Sailing trips with BabaSails Yachting give you the advantage of taking panoramic pictures and view everything from a distance – hence, from a different perspective.


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