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Gastronomy in Thessaloniki

Gastronomy in Thessaloniki

Food lovers will be amazed by the great gastronomy in Thessaloniki. Expect nothing less from a city that boasts of its multicultural character & long history.

Gastronomy in Thessaloniki

Food enthusiasts will love Thessaloniki! What’s better than sitting by the seawater of Thermaikos Gulf and enjoy some of the local products? And let us assure you that the city of Thessaloniki in Greece boasts of its traditional cuisine, the plethora of food choices, the great number of eateries, and the local food producers.

If you love food, you’ll never want to leave. What’s even more interesting is that the local food is closely associated with the long history of the city. When you taste the local cuisine, you are not just fascinated by the unique flavors but also hear the whispers of centuries and centuries of history.

When it comes to gastronomy, Thessaloniki is second to none

With many local food producers and the Aegean Sea standing at its feet, Thessaloniki is a gastronomic paradise. The visitors start satisfying their gastronomic appetite from early in the morning with the famous koulouri of Thessaloniki or a piece of bougatsa, and continue with a lunch that might include anything from Greek salad and souvlaki to ouzo and mezedes.

Your dinner may include anything from seafood and fresh fish to all kinds of meat and traditional Greek recipes – from dolmades to stuffed vegetables. While the menu list has no end, the city is also famous for its sweets – from siropiasta to trigona. Getting hungry?

Foodies will love every corner of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a multicultural city with a great historical legacy and influences from east civilizations. What food lovers will find most interesting is that they get many choices when it comes to the environment of the eatery.

From tiny ouzeri and big family taverns to elegant restaurants or even dinner on board at the BabaSails sailing yacht, there are options for all tastes, cases, and occasions. So, if you are planning to visit Thessaloniki, go on a diet before because the local flavors will amaze even the most demanding food bon vivant!


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