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Which Halkidiki Resort is Right for You?

Which Halkidiki Resort is Right for You?

Halkidiki is a popular holiday destination. It features gorgeous seaside, attractive landscapes and various facilities. The region isn’t very big. Thus, wherever you happen to be, you will never be far away from most great spots the region prides itself on.

Still, to decrease accompanying expenses and increase benefits, choosing the right resort is essential. Continue reading to learn the advantages a choice of a few leading resorts entail.

Hanioti, Kassandra

Hanioti is a bustling resort in summer, ideal for various activities. The place has attractive seaside and shopping opportunities. Also, there are water sport opportunities for fans of these activities.

While nightlife is never far away in Kassandra, Hanioti offers great alternatives for people that prefer to stay put. This central resort in the peninsula is near Polichrono and Pefkohori, other top resorts of Kassandra.

Polichrono, Kassandra

Polichrono is a holiday resort north of Hanioti (Chaniotis). It has shopping and water sport opportunities, too. Still, the impression is that the place is more popular with families than with other types of vacationers. Also, Polichrono is more centrally located and a better starting point for explorations of Kassandra.

Neos Marmaras, Sithonia

Neos Marmaras, located on the western coast of Sithonia, faces the aforementioned resorts from the other side of the Toroneos Gulf. This resort isn’t especially convenient for little children since it is very hilly.

Neos Marmaras is an ideal base for motorized people because this side of the peninsula boasts great beaches. Hikers find climbing nearby Mount Itamos very rewarding. Shopping opportunities are just great. If you are after nightlife, choose some other place for a vacation.

Sarti, Sithonia

Sarti is a main holiday resort on the eastern side of the Sithonia. Except for nightlife seekers, the place is suitable for everyone else – families, adventurers, couples and others.

Many of the peninsula’s best beaches are nearby. Plus, the public beach is long, which prevents overcrowding even in the peak tourist season. Many beach bars and restaurants line the coastline.

Psakoudia and Gerakini

To combine visits to both peninsulas, these two resorts are conveniently located in the middle.

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