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10 Essential Tips for Sailing

10 Essential Tips for Sailing

Are you planning a sailing trip this summer but not sure how to sail safely? Discover the essential tips for sailing and plan your first sailing trip today with Babasails Yachting!

Sailing is undoubtedly a charming activity. It makes you feel carefree and relaxed. Especially when the breeze dances on your skin. However, sailing also raises up your adrenaline. The wind makes you feel like a powerful conqueror.

Sailing in the Aegean Sea is such a wonderful experience.  The Aegean sea is simply brilliant. The calm azure waves and the majestic views of Greece and the islands are absolutely magnificent. Thus, taking your first sailing trip to the fantastic Aegean Sea is undoubtedly worth it.

But sailing is not a simple sport, it has many rules to follow, and as a sailor, there are many things to learn. Even then, there are still important things to memorise for a smooth sailing experience.

Here are ten essential tips for the best first sailing first experience.

1. Familiarise with the area and climate

Every region has almost a completely different climate. Thus, before starting exploring the Aegean Sea, it is essential to be informed of the sea’s climatic conditions.

2. Get suitable footwear

Boats naturally can become slippery. Thus it is crucial to choose wisely your footwear. Preferably, choose rubber-soled boat shoes and sandals that cover your toes to prevent injuries.

3. Plan your meals beforehand

Whether you are out in the open sea for a week or a day, food is essential. Therefore, before departure, make sure how many people will travel with you, if anyone has any allergies, likes, and dislikes, and create a menu that will please everyone.

4. Take a first-aid kit

Generally, when travelling, it is essential to be prepared for everything. Similarly, while sailing, you should be prepared to handle any sickness or injuries. Usually, there are already ready-made first-aid kits for sailors, so be sure to have one and check whether it has everything you need for your trip.

5. Don’t forget a GPS, compass, and map

GPS is a tool that can help anyone travelling to an unknown area. However, it is possible to have technical difficulties. Thus, it is essential to bring a compass or a map for such cases.

6. Sun and water apparel

It is no secret that outside at the open sea of the Aegean Sea means a lot of water and a lot of sun. So, be sure to have sunproof and waterproof clothes and accessories. Essential are also sunglasses, swimming suits, and sun protection.

7. Prepare meds for motion sickness

Seasickness can be pretty difficult and won’t let you enjoy your vacation. Surely, avoiding certain foods or staring at the horizon can help, but sometimes one needs something more. You can prepare Dramamine, a popular seasickness medication, or seasickness prevention wristbands.

8. Memorise a sailor’s vocabulary

It is essential to memorise the vocabulary and terminology of sailing and sailors. After all, communication with the crew is important for a smooth trip.

9. Store your belongings in waterproof bags

When travelling, everyone has moments of doubt and concern for their belongings. On a sailing trip, to feel secure over your valuable belongings, such as a camera, be sure to store everything in waterproof bags.

10. Be sure of your role on the boat

Whether you’re sailing for enjoyment or learning how to sail yourself, know your role on the boat. Sailing is work, but it will go smoothly if everyone sticks to their own roles.

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