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How to Pack for Your Sailing Trip

How to Pack for Your Sailing Trip

These are a few essential tips on how to pack for your sailing trip. Check out how to get organized to make the sailing journey memorable.

How to Pack for Your Sailing Trip

When you go on a sailing trip, there are things you CAN live without and there are things you CAN’T do without. Before you drag the biggest suitcase from the basement, stop and ask yourself: how long will your sailing journey last? How many people are you packing for? Is it summer, spring, autumn?

Crucial sailing trip packing tips

  • If you charter a yacht at BabaSails for a one-day trip, you only need a small back bag with the essentials.
  • Even if you pack for the whole family, prefer plenty of small bags than one big suitcase. Remember that this is a sailing boat.
  • If it’s still spring or autumn, it gets chilly at the open sea. Take something warm with you, but do so even if you plan a sailing trip in the midst of the summer – just in case.

What to watch out for when packing for the sailing trip

One of the very first things you want to protect when you are on the sailing boat is your skin. The sun, the wind, and the sea salt are all rejuvenating in small doses but might cause serious problems if you are exposed to the elements for long. Get sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, sarongs, shirts, and any other protective clothing you might find useful.

If you take any medication, don’t leave it behind. Even if you don’t often get seasick, be prepared for the exception and stash in the pocket of the bag some motion-sickness meds in case you feel nausea.

Of course, don’t leave behind your swimsuit and flip-flops. Going on a sail trip is all about relaxing and forgetting about dress codes – unless this is a special occasion. And so if you are spending the night on board and you plan to celebrate in formal wear, don’t forget to pack the tux and dress.

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