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13 Theme Parks at the Waterfront of Thessaloniki

13 Theme Parks at the Waterfront of Thessaloniki

Meet the 13 theme parks, which are recently created at the waterfront of Thessaloniki, and decorate this part of the city in the best way.

The Theme Parks at the Waterfront of Thessaloniki

Beyond the plethora of attractions, the waterfront has always been the focal point in Thessaloniki. What can be better than walking in the long and wide promenade by the Thermaic Gulf gazing at the Aegean Sea and the blue sky? Recently, this beautiful part of the city has become even more attractive.

The waterfront was renovated and 13 theme parks were gradually built. Now, both the permanent residents and the visitors have 13 more reasons for walking in the promenade.

The 13 theme parks at Thessaloniki’s waterfront make a difference

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the waterfront in Thessaloniki and view its thematic parks. The classic way is to walk from the port towards the Music Hall. If you are not a fan of walking, you can rent a bike, book a horse-carriage, or schedule a sailing trip with BabaSails Yachting.

The theme parks are located a bit farther from the downtown district and act as the backdrop of the waterfront where people can rest, engage in various activities, and even learn more about Thessaloniki and its history.

The idea was to create theme parks by using natural elements, like wood, greenery, water, etc. Today, Thessaloniki boasts of 13 beautiful theme parks that make its waterfront even more interesting.

  • The Garden of Alexander, dominated by the sculpture of Alexander the Great.
  • The Garden of the Evening Sun, a romantic environment where you can see the sunset.
  • The Garden of Sand, an oasis for the little fellows who learn how to ride a bike.
  • The Sheltered Garden, where you can sit and relax, or find a place to park the car.
  • The Garden of Seasons, the face of the park changes as the seasons change.
  • The Garden of Odysseas Fokas, a well-organized playground for children.
  • The Mediterranean Garden, the beauty and aromas of the plants & trees amaze all visitors.
  • The Garden of Sculptures, there’s a swallow pool with modern sculptures and beautiful flower beds.
  • The Garden of Sounds, the climbing plants on the pergolas shelter the monument to those fallen in the Korean war, while the great sound is created by natural water.
  • The Garden of Roses, it’s full of roses and bloomed balconies reminiscent of the old houses of Thessaloniki. There’s also a playground for kids.
  • The Memory Garden, it’s swamped with shrubs and flowers.
  • The Garden of Water, the main element here is the water. There are ponds but also a place where you can rest and get a refreshment.
  • The Garden of Music, where you can enjoy outdoor music performances.


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