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How to Prevent Sea Sickness and Enjoy Sailing

How to Prevent Sea Sickness and Enjoy Sailing

The waters in Halkidiki will hardly make you feel seasick. But since prevention is always better than cure, see how to prevent seasickness while sailing.

How to Prevent Sea Sickness and Enjoy Sailing

When the sailing boat hits the open sea, drowsiness might kick in, and nausea quickly escalates into cold sweat and vomiting.

Although this may happen to more or less everyone, there are ways to prevent seasickness when you go sailing while there are also remedies to overcome this terrible condition while you are on board. And one more thing – we saved the best news for last. You’ll hardly get seasick in Greece.

Why we get seasick

It’s no wonder that seasickness is also known as motion sickness. We get sick due to the boat motion and has to do with the way our bodies and minds perceive our spatial orientation – basically, we lose balance, feel the boat’s motion, and start feeling nausea.

How to prevent seasickness

  • Pay a visit to the pharmacy before the sailing trip

Today, there are plenty of choices among pills you can take before you get on the boat that can help you avoid seasickness.

  • Choose food & drinks cautiously

Avoid alcohol and spicy food the night before the trip with BabaSails. Prefer a light snack, keep crackers on you, and have a soft drink if you start feeling seasick.

  • Focus on the horizon & take big breaths

Avoid reading and let your eyes follow the open horizon. It’s best to stay on the deck. The fresh air is helpful. Just try to keep your mind off the seasickness and concentrate on something else without bending your head too much.

The Halkidiki waters will hardly make you seasick

The distances between coves in Halkidiki are not long. Before you know it, the sailing boat has reached its destination or stops at a secluded bay or beach. Seasickness is highly likely when you sail in open seas.

It’s wise to take precautions though, but it’s also a relief to know that even if you get seasick, the skipper of BabaSails yachts will have you to the next cove in no time.


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