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The Importance of Vitamin D to Your Health and Well-being

The Importance of Vitamin D to Your Health

We are all aware of how vitamins are important. Each of them has a specific function. Vitamin A, for example, influences eyesight.

Vitamin C is crucial for improving the immunity system and in healing wounds. Still, these and all other vitamins perform a much wider range of functions. And Vitamin D is no different.

The importance of vitamin D to your health and well-being may be much bigger than you know. So, let’s see how you can provide your body with enough quantities of this precious vitamin.

How Vitamin D improves health and well-being?

Regulating levels of calcium and phosphate, which strengthen bones, is the best known role vitamin D has. It also has a wide range of other benefits to your body, including building muscles.

Yet, it is far from everything. Medical studies have determined a relation between the lack of the vitamin in human organism to the appearance of various diseases.

For instance, insufficient levels of vitamin D lead to heart attacks, rickets, strokes, obesity and some other illnesses. Even to a higher risk of cancer and the advance of multiple-sclerosis. Vitamin D also prevents infections since it activates T-cells, which are essential for fighting pathogens.

How to Ingest Enough of Vitamin D?

The most obvious answer to this question is – sunbathing.  Few types of food contain enough quantities of Vitamin D. Thus, exposing yourself to the sun, which provides vitamin D, is important in this regard. But, even this proven method of acquiring the vitamin has its limits.

In the Middle East, people traditionally wear clothes that cover most of their bodies. People with darker skin, like those in Africa, can’t get enough of this precious vitamin. Also, the sunlight is scarcer on higher latitudes.

Additional Methods of Acquiring the vitamin

Ingesting supplements containing this vitamin could be a valuable solution to these problems. Medical studies have also determined the connection to the well-being improvement in this regard.

For instance, children in Finland that received vitamin D supplements during infancy were less likely to suffer from diabetes 1 in older age.

Still, caution is of utmost importance even here. That’s because having too much vitamin D can be equally harmful like the lack of it.

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