Halkidiki Sailing Experiences

Weather in Halkidiki

Weather in Halkidiki

Experience the contrast between the hot temperatures and the calmness of the sea here in Halkidiki. Feel a hot summer while sailing in the calm waters of Greece.

Halkidiki is undoubtedly one of the go-to destinations for a beach holiday. The beaches in Halkidiki can compel anyone with their azure waters and stunning views. They are the top for swimming, diving or sailing. Without a doubt, summertime is the peak time for travellers.

The weather in Halkidiki is at its best and allows all travellers and visitors to have a fun and relaxing holiday.

In the summertime, the temperatures rise considerably, with July as the hottest month. July has the highest average temperature of the year, with 26 degrees Celsius. However, the highest temperature you might get at Halkidiki is 33 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, in the summertime at Halkidiki, the average daily sunshine hours is 13, making it the perfect time to enjoy sunny Greece.

The high temperatures in summer are indeed very tempting for all travellers. They are perfect for sunbathing and getting a nice tan. But undoubtedly, while enjoying the hot sun while lying at the beach, anyone would need a nice dip in the warm water.

At Halkidiki, the average temperature of the sea in summer is the highest at 22 to 25 degrees Celsius. Thus, it is excellent for a relaxing swim with friends and family. Since, apart from the warm water, the sea of Halkidiki is the cleanest and best for swimming in Greece. Furthermore, accompanied by fantastic views, the seas of Halkidiki are loved both by adults and children.

Additionally, summer rainfall is the lowest, with July and August having as low as a 20 percent chance of precipitation. So, the sunny summer days are perfect for sailing alongside the summer breeze in Halkidiki with Babasails Yachting.

The clear sky will allow you to go boating or yachting in the warm azure waters of Halkidiki and marvel at how the seawater meets the golden sand of the beaches. The many tucked-away coves with cozy taverns serving fish and delicious seafood. With such perfect weather, you will get awed by the dense pine forests, traditional villages, and natural wonders.

Furthermore, sailing alongside the coastline of the three peninsulas, Kassandra and Sithonia peninsulas and the stunning monasteries of Mt Athos.

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