Why Greece is the Best Destination for Sailing

Why Greece is the Best Destination for Sailing

Greece is the ideal destination for sailing holidays. With its mild weather and calm seas, it’s the country you can trust for a stress-free sailing trip.

Why Greece is the Best Destination for Sailing

Sailing holidays are the dream way to discover Greece and the most secluded bays without making any effort. A chartered sailboat is the best way to engage in several sea activities that you wouldn’t do so otherwise, but also relax, celebrate an event, or simply create some memories.

Wondering what makes Greece the best destination for a sailing trip? Coming right up.

A sailing boat can take you to the most secluded bays

Greece boasts of the biggest coastline in Europe. Setting sail in a country mostly covered with water is not just another sea sport, but a never-ending adventure. There are so many bays, gulfs, and coves that you will have to charter a cruise with BabaSails many times to be able to visit them all. And there’s no limit there either.

You can book a sailing trip in Halkidiki and stop at any bay you like. That’s the beauty of booking a sailing cruise. You can discover beaches and bays inaccessible by land and view beautiful cliffs and landscapes that no one can see.

Sailing is safe in Greece

The Greek waters are some of the safest in the world. They are protected from the enclosed bays. And then, there are approximately 6,000 islands (of all sizes) in Greece. You sail and see land every few minutes. In Greece, sailing is entirely stress-free and safe. And that’s not all.

The sea is warm and although rather deep, it’s calm. The climate is mild and the scarce fog enhances visibility.

It’s no wonder that Greece is the ultimate destination for a sailing holiday year around.