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Why Greece is the best place for summer vacations

Why Greece is the best place for summer vacations

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Greece in summer but felt hesitant? Here are the top reasons why you should visit Greece to help you decide to have the best trip of your life.

Who wouldn’t want to travel to Greece? It is such a beautiful country offering incredible experiences of nature, culture, history, and a carefree lifestyle. Although any time of the year in Greece is a top vacation choice, summer in Greece is a dream for many.

Vacations in Greece are perfect for all ages and all styles. If you are a young adventurous person eager to do sea sports, kayaking, or mountain climbing, you’ll find gorgeous places to do it all over Greece. If you are more interested in nightlife, there are plenty of fantastic clubs, bars, and events to enjoy Greece’s explosive nightlife. And if you prefer to simply lounge on a sunbed with a chilled coffee on a gorgeous beach during the day, there are lots of stunning beaches across Greece.

But sometimes it can be difficult to make the decision to travel. After all, traveling needs preparation, but mainly it needs motivation. Thus, to convince you that you should visit Greece in summer, here are the top reasons why millions of people prefer Greece for their summer holidays.


Temperatures in Greece during summer are scorching. Average temperatures vary from around 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. But that’s only when there are no heat waves, and those can hit 40 degrees Celsius or at least keep the temperature above 35 degrees for many days after the peak.

Beach Resorts

The crystal-clear azure waters of the Aegean Sea and the golden or white sandy beaches are certainly the top reason many travelers visit Greece. Greece has almost half a thousand blue flag beaches, making it the second-top country in the world with the safest and cleanest waters. Thus, not only does it have terrific sea views, but it is also suitable for swimming and safe for family vacations.

The Islands

Greece has an astounding number of 4,000 islands, though only 202 are inhabited. Still, all the inhabited ones are gorgeous, each with its own character, folklore, and natural and cultural beauties to explore. Furthermore, there are many cruises you can take to admire not only the inhabited but also uninhabited islands.


Many of Greece’s islands and cities are famous for their fantastic nightlife venues. Greece’s lifestyle includes numerous beach clubs, lively indoor or outdoor clubs, and elegant and sophisticated bars and lounges. Also, travelers love the traditional taverns or music bars with live bands performing Greek folk music.

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