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The wonders of the Aegean Sea

The wonders of the Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is full of wonders everyone should get to see. By sailing with us, you can discover the stories and mythology of the Greek islands.

Greece is a popular destination for simply enjoying the crystal-clear waters of sandy beaches and sunbathing in the hot sun. But the sea of Greece has a long history of great battles, explorations, and myths of sirens, sea gods, and heroes. By sailing with Baba Sails, you can discover the islands of Greece and their importance in mythology.

Let’s find out some of the greatest myths of the Aegean Sea.

1. Lemnos

Lemnos is a volcanic island near the Dardanelles Strait and the north of the Aegean sea. Lemnos was once the main area that worshipped Hephaestus, the god of fire. Hephaestus represents fire, volcanoes, art, and architecture but also outcasts and undesirables.

Lemnos is mostly barren and rugged with peculiar formations of volcanic rock. A miniature desert can also be found on the north of Lemnos, adding to the belief it is the home of Hephaestus. Today Lemnos has become one of Greece’s major seaside resorts.

2. Lesvos

Lesvos is another island at the north of the Aegean sea and is visited by thousands of people yearly. The island’s exquisite architecture, beautiful beaches, and famous anise-flavored liqueur ouzo are just a few things travelers love.

However, Lesvos is significantly popular amongst the LGBT+ tourists since it is the birthplace of the Greek poet Sappho who used to write love poems and letters to other women.

3. Icaria

Icaria is a tiny island in the north Aegean sea. Although it is less popular amongst travelers, it has stunning sandy beaches with azure waters and lovely taverns and bars for a relaxing holiday. The island gained its name from Icarus. Icarus, according to mythology, was the son of Daedalus.

Together they were imprisoned by King Minos in Crete and created wings so that they could escape. However, Icarus flew too close to the sun, and the wax that held the feathers together melted. Once his father found his body, he buried him on the island Icaria.

4. Skyros

Skyros is part of the Sporades islands, and it is a beautiful island with a long history and stunning views. The island is known as the place where Achilles hid to avoid participating in the war of Troy.

However, Odysseus and his men discovered him, and from Skyros, they set sail for the war. Neoptolemus, son of Achilles, was from Skyros. Today a small bay named Achili on the east coast of the island is the place from where Achilles left the island.

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