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One Day Trip to Thessaloniki

One Day Trip to Thessaloniki

There’s hardly enough time for sightseeing when you visit Thessaloniki for just one day. Here we suggest ideas to make your one-day trip to Thessaloniki count.

One Day Trip to Thessaloniki Greece

Thessaloniki is full of scents, colors, and impressive landmarks – all parts of the city’s significant historical and cultural heritage. Day trips never leave room to discover all the attractions of the city.

How many museums can one visit in one day? And then again, in spite of how interesting such landmarks maybe, the best way to discover a city is to walk its streets, taste its cuisine, take a quick glimpse into its lifestyle, and get some local products with you. So, if you take a one-day trip to Thessaloniki, here’s how to make it count.

Walk in the Thessaloniki promenade

The long promenade of Thessaloniki is the city’s focal point. You can enjoy your morning coffee in a café at the port and then walk along the Thermaikos Gulf to see the White Tower, but also the locals biking their way to work.

Go sailing in the Thermaikos Gulf

Book a sailing cruise to save time and thus discover Thessaloniki from one end to the other effortlessly. BabaSails Yachting makes short trips, yet long enough for you to view the city from some distance and catch your breath.

Visit the Kapani Market

Enjoy the central point of Aristotelous Square, and then head to the Kapani Market. It’s old, traditional, busy, and loud. You’ll love it. Don’t forget to get some herbs before you leave.

Get a panoramic view from the City Walls

The first City Walls were built during the early Byzantine period, and although some parts of them were eventually destroyed, Thessaloniki’s fortification was enhanced in the 4th c. AD.

They covered an 8 km perimeter, but today circa 4 km remain standing. It’s worth visiting this upper part of the city to get a panoramic view of Thessaloniki.

How about souvlaki to go before you go?

As you walk the streets of Thessaloniki, you’ll come across several sites of archaeological interest, like Ancient Agora. If you have time to visit a church, choose the church of Agios Dimitrios – the city’s patron.

Then, relax at one of the local eateries and enjoy some ouzo and mezedes, or simply get souvlaki to go. That’s the way to end your one-day trip to Thessaloniki.

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