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Nothing Compares to Honeymooning on a Sailing Yacht

Nothing Compares to Honeymooning on a Sailing Yacht

Honeymooning on a yacht is the best way to celebrate your wedding. Find out why sailing off into the sunset is the ultimate way to start your new life together.

Nothing Compares to Honeymooning on a Sailing Yacht

Newlyweds, who want to break free from the conventional solution of hotels and prefer the freedom of a sailing boat, will have the honeymoon of their lives. Only a few weeks earlier, you were still planning your wedding. It has been lovely but also tiring. Hasn’t it? Now, it’s time to relax. After all, you deserve a few days of alone time and chartering a sailing yacht will create some unforgettable memories.

How about sailing in the clear, blue Greek waters? BabaSails Yachting offers the ultimate sailing experience and that’s what all honeymooners want. What’s that? Easy vacations, breath-taking locations, and the best service ever! So, why should you honeymoon on a sailing yacht? Here’s why.

Easy booking

Everyone loved your wedding! You had a ball too. But nothing was handed to you. Remember? You spent months planning, picking cakes, rehearsing…it has been fun – no doubt about that, but exhausting to say the least.

Why should you add to your stress by trying to find a honeymoon location, book a hotel, and mix & match dates? No, no, no! Charter a sailing yacht when you want and for as long as you wish. It’s easy. You just make a phone call.


Honeymooning & privacy go hand in hand. You don’t want phones ringing constantly or too crowded spaces. You can always get a room but the sea breeze, the endless horizon of the blue waters, and the exquisite locations are beyond compare. It will be just the two of you on a boat. The ultimate romance!

Comfortable vacations

Dinner will be served. Wine & champagne will be pouring. You won’t do dishes or cook. You will relax and eat exactly what you like. Intrigued?


With many sailing destinations available, you will surely find a cruise that fits your budget. Why should you spend an arm and a leg to celebrate your wedding? And then, you choose where to go. From a cruise to Sporades to sailing to Halkidiki, one thing is for sure. You honeymooners will have the time of your life!


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