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Sailing Trip Checklist

Sailing Trip Checklist

Three things you must have on your next sailing yacht trip

Are you planning on going for a sailing trip? If so, check out our list for the three things you must bring with you to have a safe and relaxing trip.

Most boaters have a pre-departure checklist of one sort or another. But shouldn’t everyone also have a checklist of the things they need to bring aboard, each and every time they pull of the dock? Most certainly.

So, here are the top three things you should always have when sailing.

Safety gear

Safety gear should obviously be your number one on the list. This includes both Coast Guard mandated gear as well as other items you should have close at hand no matter where or when you go boating.

The top 5 safety equipment we recommended you must always have are:

  • Life jackets and wearable personal flotation devices.
  • Throwable flotation devices.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Visual signaling devices.
  • Sound signaling devices.

Provisions for the day

There’s no doubt that food and drink are already something you think about bringing on every outing. Still, when you go boating, you should also carry some additional provisions. For instance, extra water is always essential to have on hand because it’s easy to become dehydrated on hot summer days.

It’s also good to have some fresh watermelon, yogurt, or oranges aboard, all of which both hydrate and provide a blast of energy. Other important provisions include suntan lotion and bug repellent, both of which can significantly increase your comfort level aboard a boat.

First-aid kit

Whether minor or severe or no injuries occur, it is always good to have a first-aid kit to be prepared for. Make sure your first-aid kit is stocked appropriately for the number of passengers you expect to have onboard.

Always check your kit to restock on commonly used items or replace any items that may have expired.

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