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What to pack for a weekend trip to Thessaloniki

What to pack for a weekend trip to Thessaloniki

Are you planning a trip to Thessaloniki, Greece? Check out all the essentials you will need to pack for your trip!

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece and like the rest of the country it is easy to fall in love. It has beauty, chaos, history and culture, a remarkable cuisine and wonderful, vast sea views.

Thessaloniki has suffered the hit of the economic crisis, but the streets remain full of life and vibrancy. The different neighborhoods feel like separated little worlds, and when you climb up to the Byzantine walls and take in the whole of Thessaloniki at sunset, you see the old and the new cohabiting wonderfully.

Frankly, Thessaloniki has many stories to tell, starting by the moment of its foundation in 316/315 B.C. Due to its prominent geographical location, it was developed rapidly as one of the most important ports, and economical and commercial centers of Macedonia and the Balkan Peninsula as a whole.

Today you can experience Thessaloniki’s long history by visiting the numerous monuments that talk about the city’s different civilizations, religions and eras.

If you’re planning to go to Thessaloniki, here is some important information about when to go, what to wear, and what to pack:

  • A plug adapter that supports outlet types C and F
  • A portable power bank
  • A SIM card that works in Thessaloniki
  • Emergency water purifier
  • A lightweight backpack
  • Airplane pillow
  • Inflatable travel pillow
  • Luggage lock
  • Camera

If you are travelling with kids here are some essential things to pack:

  • A compact travel stroller
  • A featherweight travel crib
  • A safe travel bed for toddlers
  • A travel hook on chair
  • a ride on suitcase

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