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Things NOT to Do on a Sailing Yacht

Things NOT to Do on a Sailing Yacht

Read the 4 things you should NOT do when you are on a sailing yacht if you want to respect the environment and protect yourself from unnecessary accidents.

Things NOT to Do on a Sailing Boat

A sailing trip in the blue waters of Halkidiki is the ultimate way to relax, have fun, or celebrate your birthday, family reunion, or retirement. One of the things, which make sailing cruises the best way to enjoy summer vacations, is the freedom you feel when you are on board. Just you, the sun, the sea, and your loved ones.

But there are some things you shouldn’t do on a boat to avoid risks and enhance your sailing experience.

(Don’t) Lean over the sailing yacht

Avoid leaning over the boat when it’s on the go and especially if you feel nausea, dizzy or had too much to drink. The goal is to have fun, not an accident.

(Don’t) Wear inappropriate shoes

You might want to dress up for a special occasion and you should feel free to do so but wearing comfortable shoes is good for you and the sake of the wooden deck. Avoid heels that will only make your life on the boat more difficult and minimize the lifespan of the deck.

(Don’t) Drink excessively under the sun

Food and drinks are usually part of the sailing trip fun. No doubt about it. But alcohol and the sun do not really match. Avoid drinking too much if it’s too hot so that you won’t feel sick and have regrets later.

(Don’t) Throw rubbish overboard

The scenery when you are on a sailing yacht is magnificent and will stay this way if all travelers respect the sea and don’t throw rubbish into the water. If you want to enjoy the same beautiful environment for years to come, simply put the trash into the garbage bin of the BabaSails yacht.

That’s not too difficult, is it?



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